Marjorie Keller

The Films Of Marjorie Keller, Volume 1: 1973-1980 (2006) DVD NTSC, color & b/w, 70.25 min

Genre: Experimental

Marjorie Keller (1950-1994) wrote: "The current art of the film deranges its predecessors...[I]t is in the work of women filmmakers of the avant-garde that the old forms are seen as if through an anamorphic lens." Her films honor and challenge the traditions that she assumed when she learned filmmaking from Saul Levine, Sidney Peterson, and Stan Brakhage. Keller consistently explored the political implications of daily living and personal pleasures in her twenty films, ten of which are available in this new DVD collection. SHE/VA 1973, 16mm, color, silent, 3 minutes A young dancer re-choreographed through film editing. This film was originally made in standard 8mm, from a home movie. OBJECTION 1974, 16mm, color, sound, 18 1/4 minutes Begun as a document for insurance purposes, Objection catalogues the contents of a house with ever-increasing horror. The soundtrack carries the voices and sounds of the family unseen. MISCONCEPTION 1977, 16mm, color, sound, 43 minutes "Misconception is composed of six parts that together chronicle the experience of one woman and her husband during the course of her natural childbirth. The film...has less to do with traditional cinema-verite documentary or film journalism than with the packing and rhythm of poetry."--B. Ruby Rich ANCIENT PARTS/FOREIGN PARTS 1979, 16mm, color, silent, 6 minutes The first two in a series of in-camera edited films. Ancient Parts portrays the symbolic differentiation and mock conquest of a boy and his mother. DAUGHTERS OF CHAOS 1980, 16mm, color, sound 20 minutes "The film deals simultaneously with girls becoming women, woman looking back on her childhood. It is pervaded with voluptuousness, with longing: the woman, dissapointed in love, looking for lost innocence, the girl yearning for the power of her sex."--Anne Becker

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