Karel Doing

Antipodes (2006) DVD NTSC, color, 19.5 min

Genre: Experimental

Portrait of a globe-trotter in four corners of the world: Shanghai, Marrakech, Rotterdam, Kabelvag. In this place there was no time. Only progress. He missed time. Not that time had been particularly friendly to him, the only effect it had was death. Death was everywhere. He felt bleak, miserable, unremarkable, he was looking for life.. He was an outsider, but he loved it. The world was a show of miracles, he wouldn't like to miss. He didn't make it to the stage, he was watching, with pleasure, without really being part of it. He was an antipode. Here was his home. It was a place like everywhere else, did it matter where he lived? His body was just a vessel, no shore being in reach, but safe, comfortable. A friend for life A home, regardless where-ever it was. That night he dreamed he was in a burning building, he knew that it was going to explode soon. He laid down on a bed, and imagined that he was a fish, swimming in an ice-cold sea. The building exploded. He felt happy.

DVD NTSC Rental: $45.00

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