Werner Nekes

Kelek (1968) 16mm, , 58 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: art, Structural _ Minimal

"Kelek belongs to the 'structural' or 'minimal' cinema movement in that its content is subordinated to the viewer's perception and has no intrinsic significance. Unlike most examples of this genre. Though, Kelek is never boring and is brought to a new awareness of the process of perception. The five basic shots of the film have to be filled by the viewer's own consciousness and there is absolutly no opportunity given for any spurious identification." W.N. "Kelek is a regular film. There is no more 'in that place' or 'in that scene' ...' Kelek is a film which moves exclusively on one level, that of seeing." Wim Wenders Filmkritik Feb 1969 "Werner Nekes is making the films that those who oppose thier radical pronouncements to his radical aesthetics, ought to be making, and yet are not." Frankfurter Rundschau "Werner Nekes seemed to me the most improtatnt member of the Hamburg group; very preoccupied with form, with movements with structure... Kelek deals with shape, movement. The camera is steady, focussed on detail, a bridge, a street; the progression is slow, careful, calculated, abstract. A very pure visual music was coming to me from his film" Jonas Mekas Village Voice

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