Martha Colburn

Don't Kill the Weather Man! (2007) DVD NTSC, miniDV NTSC, Color, 4 min

Genre: Animation, Experimental

Keywords: Found Footage, Political

-based on 'The Pilgrimage of the Soul' by Guillaume De Digulleville 1437- in the collection of the Rosenbach Museum and Archive in Philidelphia, PA. A commissioned project by the museum. "'The Pilgrimage of the Soul' is a French medieval illuminated manuscript; a moralizing Christian romance, one in which death is always looming. I selected various characters and narratives from the manuscript and cut them into a modern landscape of enviornmental catastrophe. I thought of how the moralizing in the manuscript mirrors our contemporary culture. The manuscript is always deferring to a future life to come, as does the current push for enviornmental awareness. I took all of these ideas and mixed them into my own narrative. I created the film collage, imagining how the manuscript writers may have created an animation, applying the rules of Medieval Art to my animated technique. - M.C.

DVD NTSC Rental: $45.00
MiniDV NTSC Rental: $45.00

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