Joel Schlemowitz

Teslamania (2007) 16mm, DVD_NTSC, color, 7 minutes min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Science, Technology

Two camera rolls shot at the Collective Unconscious during a performance of "Teslamania" featuring Gecko Saccomanno and Tesla Coil Engineer Jamie Mereness. The film's visual effects, double exposures, and refracted images, were all done in camera, just as we see them here. On the soundtrack, Gecko provides various "Tesla tidbits," including Tesla's scheme to provide free electricity transmitted through the air, anecdotes about the Collective's Tesla Coil performances, "Tesla cooking," and a list of the inventor Nikoli Tesla's many exotic phobias. Music by Dorit Chrysler.

16mm Rental: $40.00
DVD NTSC Rental: $35.00

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