Helen Hill

House of Sweet Magic (1996-2004) DVD NTSC, color and black & white, 60 mins min

Genre: Animation, Experimental

Keywords: Hand-processed

Helen Hill(1970-2007) was a filmmaker and activist raised in Columbia, South Carolina and settled in New Orleans, Louisiana. She studied Experimental Animation at Harvard and California Institute of the Arts. She taught film workshops wherever she went, and compiled "Recipes For Disaster: A Film Cookbooklet". Helen championed low-budget and do-it-yourself approaches to filmmaking, including super 8, handprocessing, and drawing-on-film, and insisted "that it is a good idea behind a film and not fancy technology or a big budget, that makes a great film." The House of Sweet Magic is a 10 film compilation. Tunnel of Love (1995);Rain Dance (19900; Scratch and Crow (1995) Your New Pig is Down the Road (1999); World's Smallest Fair (1995); Vessel (1992) and Film for Rosie (2001)

DVD NTSC Sale: $20.00 individual and 60.00 institutional

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