Walter Ungerer

The Oobieland Series (1969-1972) DVD NTSC, color, 85 min

Genre: Experimental

Oobieland is a strange and magical place. Part One introduces us to what kind of place Oobieland might be. Part Two takes us to a television studio in New York City where we meet the Princess of Oobieland. Part Three takes us to the natural landscape of Oobieland with its inhabitants. Part Four presents us with the ritual where Mother Earth (The Terrible Mother) relinquishes her power to the new Terrible Mother. Part Five ends it with the roar of a lion. In the end we are left with the thought,"Has Oobieland eluded us"? Introduction To Oobieland [Oobieland Part 1](1969) - 10 min. Ubi Est Terram Oobiae? [Oobieland Part 2](1969) - 5 min. Solstice [Oobieland Part 3](1971) - 35 min. The Terrible Mother [Oobieland Part 4](1972) - 25 min. Epilogue To Oobieland [Oobieland Part 5](1972) - 10 min.

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DVD NTSC Rental: $150.00

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