Scott Nyerges

Five Videos (2002-2008) DVD NTSC, , min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Environment & Nature, Hand-processed

AUTUMNAL (2008) 6 min. Acrylic on 35mm filmstrips, acrylic ink, alcohol. Stereo. A world in autumn; a requiem for lands not yet departed. POLAR (2007) 1:35 min. Acrylic on 35mm filmstrips, digital video. Silent. Apocalyptic inner visions of the polar ice caps' plight. The Arctic as a metaphor for a body out of balance. Fissures emerge. Mass transforms. The sea falls into itself. FLOW (2005) 4:30 min. Digital video; miniDV footage, arylic and gouache on 16mm and 35mm filmstrips. Stereo. A meditation upon the seasonal flow of creeks and rivers in Central Texas, as rendered in paint and pixels. MEANS AND MEDITATIONS (2004) 10:30 min. Digital video; acrylic, watercolor and gouache on 16mm and 35mm filmstrips. Stereo. A three-part journey through an imagined inner cosmos, exploring the subterranean, terrestrial and celestial realms. FLOATING IN THE ETHER (2002) 4:44 min. Digital video; ink and printed paper material on 16mm filmstrips. Stereo. The detritus of our data as waking dream. The text of our transmissions. A slumbering satellite's sighs. The invisible made visible.

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