Chuck Workman

Three Motion Picture Montages: Precious Images (1986), Words (1987), Pieces of Silver (1987) (1986-1987) DVD NTSC, Color & Black and White, 26 min

Genre: Documentary

Keywords: Films about Film, Media

A selection of three of Chuck Workman's most well-known movie montages. Precious Images montages 450 American films in a tribute to directors and the iconic images they helped create. It has played continuously in museums, schools, theaters, film festivals and media arts centers and is considered the most widely shown theatrical short in history. Words was made as a tribute to the Hollywood writer and montages the memorable (and forgotten) lines of numerous Hollywood films and television shows. Pieces of Silver was made for Eastman Kodak on the anniversary of the invention of motion picture film. It montages images from foreign and American narrative films, newsreels, documentaries, experimental films, commercials, animation, and television since 1889. The film played at commercial theaters, screened at Anthology Film Archives and other important non- profit theaters, and at several festivals. From critic Scott MacDonald: "In the best of his compilation pieces, Workman reveals his mastery of editing. His strategy is not just to provide a succession of moments of nostalgia, but to create distinctive films, providing energy, humor, and insight." All producer's rental proceeds go to the Directors Guild and Writers Guild Foundations.

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DVD NTSC Rental: $35.00

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