Smith & Lowles

Too Rich Tourists (2009) DVD NTSC, Color, 9 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Body, Erotic, Queer, Bi, Trans

In a toxic haze of red, white and blue gloss paint, an artificial forest opens up, a sanctuary where baroque meets pop, fairytale meets grunge, purity meets sin. The iconic colors red, white and blue are re appropriated as nature. We find our current global climate coming to a climax, fueling our desire for an alternative reality. We're desperately seeking a new spirituality, a new mythology in a 'too rich' too attainable, technological age. This synthetic fantasy landscape channels the global anxieties of the past and present. This man-made forest belongs to the magical world of the fetish, the pre-ordained nature of artificial relics. Where disconnected identities are placed in a perverse unfamiliar foreign territory. A Place where everyone is a tourist.

Rental: $40.00
DVD NTSC Rental: $40.00

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