Larry Cwik

Six Short Films (2010) DVD NTSC, Color, 20 min

Genre: Experimental

JANELLE AND FRIENDS - 3:28. A happy, blinking, doll's adventures on a swing, at a bus stop, with doll friends, giving birth, and looking longingly with other dolls at swimmers in a pool, with klezmeresque, circus-like, alto sax music.

FAIR - 3:12. Fair lights, games, and a scary figure, ending with the kaleidoscopic colors of a ride rotating in the night sky, with original electronica music.

TOTEMS - 3:08. Autumn shrubs and trees morph to pans of animated totem poles, with rhythmic experimental percussive/electronica music.

TIMBERLINE - 2:54. A snow-covered alpine mountain, road, and pine trees, distant vistas, skiers, dancing tree limbs, a ski lift from below, and shadows, with melodic, wistful, jazz electronica music.

IRVINE - 3:18. Southern California suburbia - cars, carts, a fountain, shoppers, products, a redemption center, a visual caress of a stylish, beautiful, evocative, eucalyptus tree, and a home, with acoustic, melodic, guitar/saxophone music.

GORGE - 3:12. Freight, tractor trailers, flowers in the breeze, a picnic, hills, and a journey, with melodic, ambient music.

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