Roberta Cantow

Doctor Clown (1992) VHS_NTSC, color, 30 min

Genre: Documentary

Keywords: body, childrean & youth, personal diary & journal, science & medicine

The movie Patch Adams starring Robin Williams made the physician-social-crusader-clown world famous. This documentary offers a revealing encounter with the real Patch Adams. Here we see exclusive sequences of his "Between-the-Sheets Therapy" with a disturbed, suicidal patient named Dave, which show how far the doctor is willing to go to find a way to relieve a person's suffering. No one in the world has ever used this as a therapeutic tool. There are other touching examples of Dr. Adams' inimitable, creative approach to caring for patients in different parts of the world. And for the first time ever we are allowed to see his unique "Joy Workshop."

Rental: $90.00
VHS NTSC Rental: $90.00

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