Smith & Lowles

Knickerbocker Glory (2010) DVD NTSC, color, 4 min

Genre: Experimental

Surrounded by a red sea of chanting fans, the words 'You'll Never Walk Alon' echoes with an immediate and penetrating pathos, 'When you walk through the storm, Hold you head up high, And don't be afraid, Of the dark'... The footballers have become modern day archetypal gods, their fans their disciples. Here demystified of their god-like status the footballers and fans become the spectators, cheering on an assortment of almost naked men, the toppings of a ice cream sundae. The men sensually drenched in whipped cream, sprinkles and strawberry sauce, playfully brawl and caress one another's bodies, layer upon layer of sexuality, satire and hedonistic pleasure.

Rental: $40.00
DVD NTSC Rental: $40.00

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