Dominic Angerame

Three Films: Pixiescope, The Waifen Maiden, Consume (2003) 16mm, color and b/w, 16:00 min

Genre: Experimental

Compilation of Three Films by Dominic Angergame--PIXIESCOPE, THE WAIFEN MAIDEN, and CONSUME. PIXIESCOPE: Music by Molto Vox, Kevin Bernard on guitars and processing and Barbara Jaspersen on vocals. A film that seems to be partially created by the magic that only pixies can create. I went out shooting with my Bolex with the intention of shooting a series of very short one-second movies. When the film was returned to me by the lab I discovered that surperimposed over the images I had shot were images I did not shoot. There appeared superimposed images of various women flexing their muscles and posing for some unknown camera person besides myself. This film is a result and a sort of homage to pixies wherever they may be. THE WAIFEN MAIDEN: Starring Zhanna. Gamaya ("Lead Us") a Sanskrit mantra peformed by Zhanna, recorded and mastered by Zak May. This is a haiku and offers a prelude to CONSUME. CONSUME: Starring Zhanna. Pomolusya ("I Will Pray") Ukranian Prayer performed by Zhanna, recorded and mastered by Zak May. Excerpts from "Lyrical" and "Chaos" from the tribe recording of Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors with permission from Raven Recording. Inspired by the novel FLICKER by Theodore Roszak, this film was intended to explore the images captured in the flickering light of multiple projector beams. By utilizing superimpositions within the camera, one could experience the pulsating light and explore hidden imagery through use of the "Sally Rand" that Roszak refers to. However, once production began . . . the projector beams began to put both myself and my actress into a trance state due to the strobe light it presented . . . the resulting film turned into a trance by natural evolution and in essence the film becomes even more . . . It becomes an exploration into oneself and the sense of seeing and being at the same time . . . both an inward journey and an outward one . . .

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