Donna Cameron

World Trade Alphabet (2000) 16mm, color, 2:30 min

Genre: Experimental

"Materials: Oil, Charcoal, Ink on Paper Emulsion, on 35mm film ...Theme: A Visual Meditation on the evolution of the alphabet which we use, it's origins in ancient Phoenicia, and the fact that it was invented as a shorthand from 360+ character cuneiform to better the efficiency of communication in ancient international world trade. Process: Film begins with primitive carving into handmade paper emulsion of ancient cuneiform glyphs, evolves into painting and drawing of glyphs, them floating type, using digital print-out of helvetica type and concludes with multi-material words: World Trade Alphabet." -- Canyon Cinema catalog

Rental: $30.00
16mm Rental: $30.00
DVD NTSC Rental: $30.00

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