Bill Brand

Suite (1996-2003) DVD NTSC, color, 28 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

This suite of videos addresses personal and family history, in part, dealing with the implications of being the only sibling of five not to have inherited Polycystic Kidney Disease, a genetic disorder that generally leads to kidney failure in middle age. In these works, I explore the body as a site both of beauty and abjection. Suite includes: MY FATHER'S LEG--In this self-portrait I imagine the disease and pain which caused my father's death twenty-five years earlier. Now that I am older than he at his death, I find, in images of my own body complex feelings of love, guilt, grief and regret. INTERIOR OUTPOST -- Here, my body is explicitly a screen on which I project photographs from the family archive to articulate my position of difference within the family experience of illness and death. DOUBLE NEPHRECTOMY -- This double portrait cinematically projects my sister's wound onto my own body and psyche. Shortly after she received a living donor kidney from a friend, I filmed the scar that resulted from removing both her damaged organs. This video projects that image of her two-week-old scar onto my own body, visualizing my complex feelings of knowing I have been spared the gene that caused her disease. In the video, I find, on my own body, the imagined scars we share. MOXIBUSTION -- Also a double portrait, this video is an inside-out variation on DOUBLE NEPHRECTOMY. Here, the video uses projected light to penetrate my own body picturing my sister in her trade as an acupuncturist. While she treats me through burning herbs (moxibution) and acupuncture needling, the video imagines the body as landscape. The contradiction between her commitment to an ancient healing practice and her dependence for survival on high technology surgical and chemical medicine is an implicit subtext of the video. GAZELLE -- This is a portrait of my wife, the artist Katy Martin in her studio painting directly on her own body while imagining a wild animal. While not centered on the theme of family disease like the other three videos, this piece does also explore the body as a site of beauty and abjection.

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