Aline Mare

S'aline's Solution (2001) DVD NTSC, color, 9 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: body, erotic, political/social activism, science and medicine

I wanted to find a voice for the pain, an acknowledgement of the courage involved in choosing to have an abortion--a voice I felt had been silenced in our culture. "A haunting personal statement that continues to grow in the mind long after the viewing.' (SF Examiner). The saline procedure is induced at the end of the first trimester with a local anesthesia of 200 milligrams of hypertonic saline solution. It is a fairly traumatic birthing process, which includes dilation, contractions and a chemically induced early labor. The video was greeted with much controversy. many women felt I had played into the hands of the Right, appropriating "Back to Life" imagery and humanizing the embryo. I believe the piece stands up on its own as an emblematic statement about an issue that remains central and vital in these dangerous times: a woman's right to choose. I became pregnant with my son two years later.

Rental: $65.00
DVD NTSC Rental: $$65.00

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