Dietmar Brehm

MIX-1 (32 Films 1989-1994) (1994) 16mm, color, 24 min

Genre: Experimental

The matrix of the Mix series is conceived with the express intention of facilitating the collection of various short films, whatever their nature. Between 1989 and 1994, besides producing short films and paintings, 32 very short films came into being. The individual films are quasi-documentary, structural constructs, found-footage material, self-filming sequences, home movie details, accidental, and short staged scenes. Many of the films were shorter than the introductory frames of a normal film, and there were 32 titles... The first version had the films cut together using a linear order with a black interframe structure and were numbered; but I saw that it wasn't right like that. I reduced the individual scenes to skeletons and made the mix. Mix-1 is permeated by numerous optical and acoustic axes in order to bind the 32 films together. I had to do more cutting and editing than ever before and the result is a psychedelicmix. The pictures have been removed from the speed range associated with normal perception, the sound is distorted. The latter proved, however, to be almost unnoticeable. (Dietmar Brehm)

16mm Rental: $128.00

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