Dietmar Brehm

Organics (1998-1999) 16mm, b/w, 18 min

Genre: Experimental

Since 1996, parallel to all the other paintings and film work I made hundreds of pictures each with the title "Organics", and each on the same size of paper - 61 x 43.5 cm. It is from this drawing phase that the film Organics (1998) developed. I already had the perfect found-footage lead whom I named "Hey Joe". Round "Hey Joe", who appears repeatedly as an observer, I constructed a matrix of body details which are broken up by a number of explosions. Organics begins with the observation of a Zorro mask and a distorted / veiled woman's face. A shot of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris develops into a women's foot scene which leads to a longer kiss scene punctuated by an explosion, falling leaves, a tank, touching hands, a hand in a plaster cast, bunches of grass and a dark cellar door. After observation of a skeleton detail, the found footage actors become involved in slowly feeling each others body. A man swings a necklace back and forth like a pendulum, a head being bandaged, attempts at face make-up, details of operations... in a flickering, pumping screen light until, in the end, "Hey Joe" centres the picture briefly with his penis. After the hand movements which follow, the veiled face of a woman appears again, longer this time, to be observed by "Hey Joe" until the film floodlight is turned off. The Organics sound track is pared down to a few slow note combinations.

16mm Rental: $72.00

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