Jack Waters

Flower Market, The (1994) DVD NTSC, color, 15 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: body, erotic, queer_bi_trans

New York's floral district, like Amsterdam's is a scene that is most vibrant at the crack of dawn when flowers are shipped in to wholesalers. Very convenient timing if you've spent all night at the disco! If you want it fresh, you have to be there early. Not only are the better florists there to get the freshest flowers, but also the latest, freshest, and hottest dish. The scenario of this video is inspired by the central core of the design world: innuendo, rumors and gossip. Hearsay based on the cruising practices of one of New York's top gay floral designers. A vignette in a pastoral country setting--full of sunflowers and wild flowers--shows what the honey bee is really attracted to. Two lusty youths get it on atop a bed of exotic varieties.

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DVD NTSC Rental: $30.00

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