Colen Fitzgibbon

Coleen Fitzgibbon: Diary Films & Micro Films (1974-2011) DVD NTSC, color and b/w, 124 min

Genre: Experimental

For the past few years, Coleen Fitzgibbon has been actively preserving and screening her early Super-8 and 16mm films, many of them not screened since the mid-70s. DVD 1: Diary Films, features intimate cinemativ sketches, portraits, travelouges, and home movies. DVD 2: Micro Films, features hyper-kinetic works made with a special "microfilm" camera used to photograph and preserve paper documents on a roll of 16mm film. DVD 1: DIARY FILMS -- Contains "Trip to Carolee", "L.E.S.", "TRCS", "Restoring Appearances to Order in 12 Minutes", "Make a Movie", and "X Magazine Benefit". DVD 2: Micro Films -- Contains "Daily News", "Der Spiegel", "I.S. Migration", "Document", "Dictionary", "Time".

Rental: $80.00
DVD NTSC Rental: $80.00

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