Ken Jacobs

Another Occupation (2011) DVD NTSC and Blu-Ray Disc, color_b/w, 14 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: ethnic_multicultural, films about film, found footage, political/social activism

A stroboscopic train ride along a jungle stream. Asian military men appear with their pith-helmets, keeping the ferns, trees, monkeys, natives in line. The master of the stroboscopic depth illusion changes territory, but applies his familiar strategy: a ghostly, flicking film takes us into a deep and ominous Asian past. Jacobs: 'Bangkok, is it? Spelled in an unfamiliar way.' A black-and-white train ride along a jungle stream shows us military men in their pith helmets, keeping the ferns, trees, monkeys and natives in line. Sparse intertitles trigger further thoughts about the war economy.

DVD NTSC Rental: $75.00, Blu-Ray 125.00

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