Ken Jacobs

ANAGLYPH TOM (Tom With Puffy Cheeks) (2008) DVD NTSC, anaglyph 3-D color, 109 min

Genre: Experimental

WARNING: This work contains throbbing light. Should not be viewed by individuals with epilepsy or seizure disorders. The real subject of ANAGLYPH TOM (Tom With Puffy Cheeks) is depth-perception itself. Our beloved performers from the 1905 Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son again encapsulate human absurdity for our amusement but this time in illusionary (and berserk) 3-D. Clowns and harlots and slumming gentry freely step forward and back through the screen surface, often misplacing heads and limbs as they change location. They step from—and back into—the screen surface. This is cosmic play with all strings pulled.

DVD NTSC Rental: $250.00

DVD NTSC Sale: $600.00

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