Tom Jarmusch

documents, memory, for my friend Bill Rice (2006) DVD NTSC, color and b/w, 12 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Soon after Bill's death in 2006. Bill Rice was New York York painter, underground film and theater actor, and writer. My video-film is portrait of Bill. I limited whatever material I personally had. I never explain who Bill is or what he did. _documents, memory . . . is an assemblage of super8 film, video of a reading of Beckett's _Endgame_ in Bill's East Third Street garden, audio cassettes of Bill speaking, photographs, and a few pieces of Bill's artwork, becoming this portrait of Bill Rice and a brief meditation on living, "_documents, memory . . . _ is an all-too-brief document of departed East Village icon, painter and actor Bill Rice." -- Andrew Lampert, archivist Anthology Film Archives. Notes: As an actor Bill Rice appeared in films by: Gary Goldberg, Beth and Scott B., Richard Kern, Jacob Burckhardt, Robert Frank, Jim Jarmusch, Andrew Horn, Amos Poe, Harris Smith, and plays by Jim Neu. Also appearing: Gary Indiana, Bette Bourne, Michael Cobarubias, and Jim Neu in some photographs.

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