Barbara Rosenthal

Car Coming (1990-2010) DVD NTSC, color, 1 min min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: personal_diary_journal, science_medicine, technology

A 1-minute performance video in which a toy hotrod revs up, races through its shallow depth of field and crashes into the camera. Although one of her very simplest videos, "CAR COMING" is yet another example of Rosenthal's zany investigations into threat and safety, seriousness and play, time and space, size and scale, life and art. Never shown at the time it was first shot or for almost 20 years, this video finally premiered as a loop in a small Rosenthal installation at Fusion Art Museum in New York, in the September, 2009 exhibition "Art of the Crash" curated by Shalom Neuman.

DVD NTSC Rental: $50.00

DVD NTSC Sale: $250.00

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