Barbara Rosenthal

Fly Bus Into Finland (2007-2010) DVD NTSC, color, 4 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: ethnic_multicultural, personal_diary_journal, philosophical

Languages: UNIMPORTANT OVERHEARD BACKGROUND CONVERSATIONS IN ENGLISH AND FINNISH AND OTHER LANGUAGES. I shot the "FLY BUS (OUT OF RUSSIA) INTO FINLAND"footage, which you see in toto, with just a few bad frames cut from the beginning, and the last segment stretched in time so you can watch it better, on the bus from St. Petersburg, Russia to Helsinki, Finland in 2007. I'd had a big show of cartoon prints and books, and animation videos in Moscow, and then gone to the small village about 5 hours north by train where Dostoyevsky summered called Starya Russa. I'd wanted to relax for a few days there, and then another few days at another small village 2 hours farther north before going on the Puppet Theater and Hostel in St. Petersburg. But I was expelled from Starra Russa, under threat of arrest, because my papers were not in order, forced to give up my train tickets, my luggage taken from me and handed to the driver, as I was pushed onto a bus by the hotel concieriege. In St. Petersburg, $250 of backshish replaced my papers, which then allowed me to making this trip out of the country altogether. The journey was exemplified, I thought as I traveled, by this little creature accompanying me: both feeling we couldn't escape fast enough on our way to the free world. Premiered as an installation-loop during Rosenthal's show of Flying Art at Morgenvogel, Berlin in 2010. LIMITED EDITION OF 30, SIGNED AND NUMBERED.

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