Barbara Rosenthal

Pregnancy Dreams (1975-2005) DVD NTSC, color & b/w, 4 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: body, children_youth, family, personal_diary_journal, philosophical

In "PREGNANCY DREAMS" Barbara Rosenthal, nude and nine months pregnant, reads from her Journal dreams of filthy bathrooms, impeccably clothed men, and other parallels. Originally shot in Super-8 film by Bill Creston (seen nude in the mirror with his camera on this very hot August day) as tests of filmstocks for his recording of the birth and subsequent film "OLA: A FILM BY HER FATHER", "PREGNANCY DREAMS" was greeted by calls of outrage when premiered at BACA (The Brooklyn Arts and Cultural Association) in 1979, but digitally remastered in 2005, it has gained an increasingly receptive audience through the years.

DVD NTSC Rental: $50.00

DVD NTSC Sale: $250.00

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