Barbara Rosenthal

33 Existential Video Shorts (1976-2009) DVD NTSC, color & b/w, 73 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: body, family, personal_diary_journal, philosophical, science_medicine

The 33 shorts in 72 minutes comprising "33 EXISTENTIAL VIDEO SHORTS" was compiled for Barbara Rosenthal's solo mini-retrospective in video at the Z-Bar Screening Room in Berlin by curator Klaus Eisenlohr for Directors Lounge Contemporary Art And Media, on June 25, 2009. Included in this screening, an on this DVD, is the world premiere of "Dead Heat" as well as some of her best-known and rarely shown shorts, in 3 sections: 1. SOLO PERFORMANCE VIDEOS: "Barbara Rosenthal Contemplates Suicide", "Words Come Out Backwards", "Whispering Confession", "I Have a New York Accent", "I've Got the World in the Palm of My Hand", "Breaking Glass", "Lying Diary/Provocation Cards", "Handwriting Analysis", "How Much Does the Monkey Count", "How Much Does the Monkey Remember", "Video Will", "Society", "News Wall", "Pregnancy Dreams"; 2. PLAYING WITH OTHERS: "Playing With Matches", "Shadow Boxes", "Mandates for Art", "News to Fit the Family", "Nonsense Conversation", "Rock-A-Bye Rock Lobster", "Colors and Auras"; 3. CONCEPTUAL VIDEOS WITH TEXT, NEWS AND GAMES ABOUT DIMENSION, DURATION, TIME, PHYSICS, LOCATION AND RELATIONSHIP: "Dog Recognition", "Quotation from Paul Gauguin/This is Not a Book", "The Screen Will Be Black and Silent", "Siddhartha", "World View", "Space and Time", "A Boy and His Father Butcher a Deer", "Dead Heat", "American Denominations", "Vienna Photos", "Something from Oliver North". LIMITED EDITION OF 30, SIGNED AND NUMBERED

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