Barbara Rosenthal

Existential Word Play (1982-2010) DVD NTSC, color & b/w, 74 min

Genre: Animation, Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: body, personal_diary_journal, philosophical, science_medicine, technology

Compiled for Barbara Rosenthal's solo screening in Berlin at Lettretage - Das junge Literaturhaus in Feb., 2010, "EXISTENTIAL WORD PLAY" is a series of 34 zany shorts which all use text, speech, nonsense and bizarre audio to play with the notion that communication may not be possible at all, no matter how hard we try... Includes remastered works since 1982, plus four premieres: "Feet Handoff," "Rules," and the most harrowing two, "Push Me" and "Secret Codes." Four include German, and one Yiddish. Features Ola Creston, Sena Clara Creston, Bill Creston and the late poet Hannah Weiner, plus audio segments by German experimental composers DJ RoBeat and Brandstifter. The full program, and this DVD, comprise the following shorts, in this order: "Lettering Too Big", "Secret Of Life", "Nancy and Sluggo", "A Boy and His Father Butcher a Deer", "Boggle", "Paths To Follow", "Words Come Out Backwards", "Quotation from Paul Gauguin, "This Is A", "Dog Recognition", "Postcards", "Rules/Regeln", "Space and Time", "World View", "Names and Faces", "Siddhartha", "Black and Silent", "Whispering Confession", "Secret Codes", "Push Me", "Burp Talk", "Daily News", "News To Fit The Family", "I Have a New York Accent", "Lying Diary/Provocation Cards", "Semaphore Poems", "News Wall", "Nonsense Conversation", "Society", "How Much Does the Monkey Remember", "Feet Handoff", "Pregnancy Dreams", and "Handwriting Analysis."

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