Jim Jennings

Fashion Avenue (2007) 16mm, b/w, 7 min

Genre: Experimental

"Filmed in New York's Garment District, Fashion Avenue uses mirrors to reflect something more beautiful than the world of glamour: The everyday lives of working people. The filming of reflections creates the effect of printed fabrics, and the often jagged shapes resemble sleeves and lapels on the cutting-room table." -Karen Treanor, Media City catalogue "Jim Jennings' silent cinematic poem reflects a kind of "mirrored life": filming in New York's Garment District, a centre for fashion design, he focused on reflecting surfaces - display cases, windows - and captured richly nuanced black and white shadow plays and distorted images reminiscent of those found in a hall of mirrors. Some fantastic figures emerge in the reflection of cut glass, while people passing by and objects drifting in the wind act as shadowy figures from a foreign land beyond glamour." -Viennale catalogue 2017, Viennale '09

16mm Rental: $30.00

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