Patrick Deval

Acephale (1968) DVD PAL, BW, 56 min

Genre: Experimental

May '68 did split France down the middle. Acephale is one of the rare documents to be filmed from the point of view of 'the other France': the France that had had enough of the old way of life, that couldn't take it any longer, the France that demanded violence and escape. A film in exile, without a kingdom, in a city populated by the mad remnants of its citizens and of its myths (its religion in tatters). A film driven by a skinny prince: Laurent Condominas. This ascetic prince wanders aimlessly, lectures at a university, wanders again, meets other underfed individuals, plunges into the maze of the city, wanders again,...

Rental: $39.00
DVD PAL Rental: $39.00

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