Jean-Jacques Lebel

Les Avatars de Venus (1993-2007) DVD PAL, Color, 40 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Les Avatars de Venus (2007) video 40 min Le Cow-boy et l'Indien de Alain Fleischer (1993) video 58 min Monument a Felix Guattari de Francois Pain (1994) video 90 min Le Visiteur de Alain Fleischer (1998) video 45 min Day Nine de Jonas Mekas (2007) video 8 min "The process leading to the making of the film-installation Les Avatars de Venus goes back thirty years to the thousands of images I began picking up - from news stands, bookshops, libraries, museums, flea markets as I traveled around the world. Finally, I collected a giant image-bank of different incarnations of Venus spreading across time and space, coming from all continents, all civilizations, all epochs." - Jean-Jacques Lebel

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