Linda Fenstermaker

Inversion (2013) 16mm, color_bw, 12 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: body, landscape, structural

Inversion is a reflection upon the body without memory and without time. In a unique blending of perspectives in, behind and around the camera, it creates an open space to expand female consciousness, as an embodiment of the film itself. Shot, edited and finished in 16mm, this film showcases the intricacies and beauty of the film medium, in creating a new dialog between filmmaker, camera and subject. There is a yearning to discover a space for the female self, a space where this self can discover her body and break away from the external gazes of both camera and viewer. Through this exploration of (her)self and the space around, the viewer is invited to reflect upon their own bodies and gazes. With visual exchanges between the female performer, the camera and the landscape, Inversion constantly questions the conventions of filmmaking and roles of women within this cinematic space. There is an inherent tension that is present within these interactions, a dialog between pain and pleasure, visible and invisible, self and other that asks the viewer to become a participant within the cinematic experience. It pulls the viewer into the nothingness that lies beyond the boundaries of the camera itself. Inversion exposes this space of uncertainty, trying to control the uncontrollable within.

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