Gregg Biermann

Cinema Study (2003) Blu-Ray, BW, 4 min

Genre: Experimental, Installation

Keywords: Films About Film, Found Footage, Music

Cinema Study is a reworking of images and sounds taken from Orson Welles landmark film Citizen Kane. The piece breaks the frame into multiple smaller rectangles, each with short video and audio samples from the original film. Part of the activity of the viewer seems to be the activity of keeping track of the images, which pop around the screen, and how they relate to the sounds. All of the sounds in the piece are in a precise synchronous relationship with the images on the screen. The original narrative film breaks down almost completely, and becomes an almost pure visual and musical experience. Call it Citizen Kane the re-mix.

DVD NTSC Rental: $Blu-Ray $40

DVD NTSC Sale: $Blu-Ray $30 Individual $60 Institution

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