Gregg Biermann

Crop Duster Octet (2011) Blu-Ray, Color, 6 min

Genre: Animation, Experimental, Installation

Keywords: Films About Film, Found Footage, Music

In Crop Duster Octet, the iconic crop duster sequence from Hitchcock's North by Northwest in which Cary Grant is repeatedly attacked by a small airplane swooping from the sky is deconstructed into eight horizontal bands, each of which is slightly out of synch with the next. As the scene (and, in particular, Grant's body) is continuously deconstructed, the patterns of action are refigured and intensified, culminating in a crescendo of convergence - Jaimie Baron, LA Filmforum

DVD NTSC Rental: $40 Blu-Ray Institutional

DVD NTSC Sale: $30 Blu-Ray Individual 60 Blu-Ray Institutional

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