Josh Lewis

Pillager (2011) 16mm, b&w, 3.5 min

Genre: Animation, Experimental

Keywords: cameraless, hand-processed, personal/diary/journal, spiritual/mystical, structural

Made towards the end of my tenure as a grunt worker in a film processing lab, at a time when I was spending most of my days slacking off down in the lab's sub basement playing with raw film stock and reversal chemicals. This was a fairly disgusting space with dirt floors and four-foot ceilings from which the leaking guts hung down from the operation above, but it was open, and I could stretch out full 100' foot rolls of film from end to end on the floor. From there, I could freely apply developers, bleaches and fixers in whatever ways I could think of, usually mashing in the dust, leaves, and garbage that was kicked up in the process. -JL

16mm Rental: $35.00

16mm Sale: $$500

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