Richard Myers

Monstershow (1996) DVD_NTSC, BW , 90 min

Genre: Narrative, Experimental

Cast: Alan Benson, Paul Schuster, Marjory Myers
"We see a small traveling show performing in various outdoor Ohio locals; actors do scenes from frankenstein, Dracula, and Jekyll and Hyde. Myers intercuts clips from old movies, including versions of the same three stories; as well as footage from his own effort -a "Frankenstein" begun when he was 12. All of these elements are deftly combined to interpenetrate rather than collide; the banker's voice often continues when the old movies begin so that he seems to be narrating them as well. The result is that present and past, the personal and the public, Hollywood and amateur theater all seem to meld. Myer's sensuous, grainy black and white cinematography- is the key to the film's tone and meaning." -Fred Camper, Chicago Reader

DVD NTSC Sale: $35.00

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