Ephraim Asili

Forged Ways (2011) color and bw, 16 min

Genre: Narrative, Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: ethnic/multicultural , history , landscape & architecture , personal/diary/journal , political/social activism, spiritual/mystical

Photographed on location in Harlem, Ethiopia, Forged Ways combines elements of documentary, narrative, and experimental film form. Structurally the film cycles between the first person account of filmmaker, the third person experience of a man navigating the streets of Harlem, and day-to-day life in cities and villages of Ethiopia. By subduing any definitive story-line or "message" the film functions as an audio visual meditation on the constructs surrounding African American cultural identity while simultaneously examining some of the more subtle implications involved in maintaining an identity that spans hundreds of years, and thousands of miles.

Available on DVD and Blu Ray

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DVD NTSC Rental: $75. Blu Ray $150

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