Barbara Rosenthal

Handwriting Analysis (1989-2009) color, 4 min

HANDWRITING ANALYSIS, April 12, 1989. With volumes of her "Journal" and "Project Books" on her lap, Rosenthal flips pages and talks about a computer, at a County Fair, that analyzed her handwriting. An SEG (Special Effects Generator) overlays portions of the computer's read-out. One of several of the artist's videos that offers a glimpse inside her Journals, this one allows an extended look, including at some of the mash-notes sent to her by Teaching Assistants and Technical Assistants at the 3 colleges she was teaching at that year: Nassau College, SUNY Purchase, and Parsons School of Design. When this video was shown during her talk at The Center for Book Arts, March 28, 2014, her handwriting was analyzed by Roger Rubin, America's foremost graphologist, with similar results.

DVD NTSC Sale: $95 (limited edition DVD)

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