Barbara Rosenthal

Postcards (2009-2010) DVD, color, 3 min

Three curious postcards. What is the writer's relationship to "Friends"? Does she mean us? Two scenes are isolated, one is densely packed. Two are from the city, one is not. All are remote. The text does not come easily. We think something is wrong, but we don't know what it is. The postcards might set our relationship right again, but the writer isn't sure. The appropriated Gypsy music is melancholy. We are made uneasy.
Typical of Barbara Rosenthal's videos, this piece evolved over time. It began as a series of 35mm slides shot while driving to Florida in 1988, and from the window of her top-floor loft on Avenue of the Americas, NYC. In 1990, a slide-adapter transferred three slides to VHS, and text was added with Amiga computer. In 1992, the 3-part piece served as one segment of the 3/4" composite video "Shadow Boxes, Etc." The original slides have been digitally scanned and enhanced, the font replaced, and timing tweaked during remastering.


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