Barbara Rosenthal

Postcards & Other Shorts (1976-2013) DVD, color and b&w, 29 min

This DVD contains 21 quick-paced videos, Barbara Rosenthal made in various technologies from 1975-2013. The 1/2-hour compilation was premiered at the Boddinale Film Festival, Berlin, in February 2013, when she was invited to screen and discuss her work. It comprises: BURP TALK, THE SECRET OF LIFE, FINGERNAILS, SHADOW BOX, VIENNA PHOTOS, CAR COMING, BOGGLE, HANDS AND FEET, AMERICAN DENOMINATIONS, DOG RECOGNITION, POSTCARDS,THE HAIRCUT,PLAYING WITH MATCHES, ROCK-A-BYE ROCK LOBSTER, MEMPHIS PARTY DOLL, BREAKING GLASS, COLORS AND AURAS, HOT AND COLD SHAKEUP, RULES, BuzzClickSsshhTingle, SECRET CODES.

DVD NTSC Sale: $785 (limited edition DVD)

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