Barbara Rosenthal

"I'm Growing Up" Media-Morph Performance at Grace Exhibition Space, Bklyn, NY, April 16, 2013 Documentation Footage (2013) DVD, color, 11 min

This video is single-take, unbroken 10-minute documentary footage recorded by the artist's stationary iPod during her live performance. She is seen among the audience, then in projection, costume, and mask, as the portraits of herself a different ages morph to create different selves, accompanied by harmonica audio track on the morph projection by Mike Markham. An eerie and elegant use of technology, plus a rare glimpse into an actual underground performance art space.
Other notable performances by Barbara Rosenthal have been in front of White Box Gallery and Guggenheim Museum, NY, 2005; Wooloo New Life Festival, Berlin, 2008; SET Gallery, Brooklyn, 2009; Stonehendge, UK, 2010; Grand' Place, Brussels, 2010; Tribes Gallery, NY, 2012; and Espace Trocadero, Paris, Feb 2013.

DVD NTSC Sale: $195 (limited edition DVD)

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