Abraham Ravett

Three Films (1985-1999) color and b&w, 60 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: family, history, diary

Compilation DVD

Half Sister (1985) 22 min, color, sound, 16mm.
A recently discovered photograph of my half sister, who was killed in the German concentration camp of Auschwitz, inspires the imagination to conceive a life that would have been.

In Memory (1933) 13 min, B&W, sound, 16mm
In Memory, is a tribute, a projected memorial to members of my family and all those who died under Nazi occupation.

The March (1999) 25 min, color & B&W, sound, 16mm
Utilizing a series of conversation conducted over a thirteen-year period between the filmmaker and his mother, The March, details Fela Ravett's recollections of the 1945 Death March from Auschwitz.

DVD NTSC Sale: $Individual sale: $75. Institution sale: $150.00

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