Abraham Ravett

Reflections on Japan (1992 - 2002) color and b&w, 93 min

Genre: Experimental

Compilation DVD.

HORSE/KAPPA/HOUSE (1995) 33 min, sound, b&w & color, 16mm.
Inspired by Yanagita Kunio's book of regional folktalkes, The Legends of Tono. HORSE/KAPPA/HOUSE records the landscape in several small villages throughout Iwate Prefecture, Japan. Animation sequences by Sumiaki Ishida.

An Abu's Warning (1992) 50 min, silent, color and b&w, 16mm.
A 20th century traveler comes to Japan and is confronted by a landscape, its inhabitants and cultural traditions quite different from his own experiences. Shot in the summer, 1987.

Afterthoughts on a Legend (2002) 10 min, silent, color and b&w, 16mm.
A response to the inklings that resonate ten years after a trip to Iwate Prefecture, Japan.

DVD NTSC Sale: $Individual sale: $75. Institution sale: $150.00

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