Abraham Ravett

Two Films (1988 - 1998) , 77 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Compilation DVD.

The Balcony (1988) 48 min, black & white, SILENT, 16mm.
The lives of people are observed within the confines of one, twenty-two story high rise apartment complex and its adjacent courtyard. Shot over a period of fifteen months and from one vantage point, THE BALCONY speculates on the evanescence of all our lives.

The Boardwalk (1998) 29 min, black & white, SILENT, 16mm.
The Brighton Beach-Coney Island boardwalk is a long, winding, ocean front walkway adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean. Photographed over a three year period, the landscape rendered reflects the seasonal changes, daily activities, and the filmmaker's projected future.

DVD NTSC Sale: $Individual sale: $75. Institution sale: $150.00

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