Caspar Stracke

Threads of Chomont (2002) Betacam or DV, color and b&w, 15.25 min

Genre: Experimental

The work is made in collaboration with Canadian filmmaker Mike Hoolboom which started as an experimental portrait of NY-based Avant-Garde filmmaker Tom Chomont and his battle with Parkinson disease for the last 10+ years of his life. (Tom died in 2010) The started concept was to tell the life and work of a filmmaker and cineast entirely through found footage. One sequence finalized in August 2001 depicted a b&w sequence of collapsing NY landmark building (culled from Hollywood action films) mixed with footage of 1940's tickertape parades. After 9/11, the project ("Threads", 2001) was abandoned but both filmmakers continued to work with the material separately. As a result they finalized two different films with partially identical footage ("No Damage" 2002 and "Tom" 2003) "Threads of Chomont" survived as a third version, capturing an earlier stage of the project.

Rental: $130

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