Georg Anthony Svatek

In Us, Roots (2011) DVD NTSC, , 6:34 min

Genre: Narrative, Experimental

Keywords: children / youth, environment / nature, philosophical, spiritual / mystical

IN US, ROOTS traces a connection between a seemingly benign incident and its evolutionary origins. Because humans' cognitive skills have continuously developed, yielding inventions and thought that have helped us defy natural threats, our drive for survival has shifted away from a physical into a societal realm. There, our emotions still operate on the same scale as they did millennia ago. Formally, I wanted to play with narrative structure and create tension. The camera explores a vague but "controlled" documentary environment, which is combined with the explicitness of a written voice-over.

Narrated by Chitra Neogy.

Rental: $30

DVD NTSC Sale: $15

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