Andrea Callard

Talking Landscape: Early Media 1974-1984 (1974-1984) 16mm, DVD PAL, color, 115 min

Genre: Narrative, Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: arts & artists, autobiography, environment / nature, landscape / architecture, music, personal / diary / journal, spiritual, structural

Talking Landscape: Early Media 1974-1984 is a compendium of short media works made between 1974 and 1984. Available on DVD or as a mix of film and video, flexible.

The following four parts are preserved as 16mm film. Otherwise, the material is available as video.

16mm Films:
In 2010, 11 thru 12 and Fluorescent/Azalea , both super 8mm films, were preserved as 16mm with funds from the national Film Preservation Foundation by Bill Brand in cooperation with Brent Phillips and The Fales Library & Special Collections. 11 thru 12 was warmly received at the 7th Orphans Film Symposium and the 56th Oberhausen Short Film Festival. Lost Shoe Blues and Flora Funera (for Battery Park City) were preserved on film the following year by Brittan Dunham and Bill Brand's class in the Moving Picture Archiving Program at New York University. Livia Bloom selected the feature length compendium for theatrical release at the Maysles Cinema in New York in 2012. As Guest Curator for DOXA 2013, she wrote an essay also titled Talking Landscape: Early Media Works 1974-1984 , ( Gradually, more pieces of this period are becoming visible again. In 2014, New York Women in Film and Television awarded funds to preserve Some Food May Be Found in the Desert.

Included in the DVD:
Fragments of a Self Portrait
Balls with Club
Rubber Shoes
Delaware Stone Throw
Lost Shoe Blues
Flora Funera (for Battery Park City)
11 thru 12
Contact Mics with Cara
Lispenard Ladder
The Customs House
Notes on Ailanthus
Commuting from Point to Point
The Times Square Show 1980
Pus Factory

Rental: $250 (honorarium or flexible)

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