Ken Jacobs

3 X 3D (2015) Blu-Ray Disc 3D, b&w / color, 187 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: environment and nature, polititcal / social activism


Blankets For Indians color, stereo, sound, 57 min (2012)
America was told by God to manage the globe, at a profit, only first having to clear away prior nations living on this land mass before venturing off shore (though not before taking half of Mexico and some failed attempt to wrest Canada from Canadians). Surely you asked when a child, Daddy, what was America doing so far from home when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor? Grabbing Hawaii, darling, and much more, Daddy may have answered. Bush and Cheney were religiously observant when they opted to enrich Halliburton further, when with their 9/11 pretext arranged with the Saudis they invaded Iraq and Afghanistan and the Middle East generally. This movie shows dissenters to the American mission marching down New Yorks Lower Broadway to gather at Zuccotti Park where the Occupy Wall Street kids were standing their ground. We live close to where the crowd turned onto Broadway and swept us along.

A Primer in Sky Socialism color, silent, 57 min (2014)
We lived next to The Brooklyn Bridge on its Manhattan side until the two bullies, Eminent Domain and Urban Renewal, forced us to move two blocks away form it. Along with many others we love the bridge and when non-New Yorkers visit we see that they mount and walk it at its height. They must learn the story of its designer and builder also socialist, philosopher and poet John Roebling and how the work was completed after he died by his son Washington and daughter-in-law Emily. Flo and I actually helped establish a tradition in the Sixties when we would climb it New Years Eve just before midnight with maybe another half dozen visitors and today hundreds gather, no, thousands. One hears many languages on the bridge, young people, sober and polite, from many lands. There are distant fireworks at 12 and the crowd descends. The first movie on this disk has some still; this and the following movie are all still. Stills in 3D invite the eyes to move in depth, especially time exposures in 3D. Theres so much to look at that silence is preferable, noisy as the actual event is.

The Guests B&W with some color, DTS-HD 5.1 sound, 73 min (2013)
Cubism turned space inside out. Yes, Cezanne was the main influence, slipping into bizarre shadow effects when rendering what he saw up close, reporting the contradiction of what he saw with each eye separately and thereby making the rendering the event and not what was rendered. But it was the handheld stereopticon, then an ubiquitous instrument of porn delivery, with left-right pictures reversed that really prompted the spatially bizarre. Wow, Picasso said. Wow, said Braque. They of course kept this a secret, the stereopticon then being of low repute. Now 3D cinema makes a similar splendid error, this time in utterly convincing dept. It takes on elf the first films made, 2D of course, and by sending sequential frames of moving figures one to each eye creates an illicit stereo, sometimes convincing, sometimes anything but; nuts. Not to be believed.

in a world of continuously streaming images, an artist like Mr. Jacobs challenges the tyranny of visual uniformity, and not simply with angry words. - Manohla Dargis, The New York Times , October 6, 2011

The Guests underlines the abyss between what we know and what we see. - Tony Pipolo, Artforum , April 2015

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