Symbiosis Films

Our New Family (2015) color, min

Genre: Documentary

Keywords: children / youth, family, personal/diary/journal

What is the definition of family? Who makes the best parents? What are the implications of recent advances in biology and how will those effect the ways human beings choose to reproduce? Those questions and many others are examined through the experience of the filmmakers James Dowell and John Kolomvakis as they proceed through the process of surrogency and family building in the feature documentary film, OUR NEW FAMILY.

Ultimately culminating in their twin sons, the specific history that lead to this desire for family is explored through the filmmakers' lives and a view is offered on to the changing social mores over the last half century. Gay marriage and parenting are examined as well as the challenging of specific environment of Dallas, Texas and New York City. Interviews include: Dennis Coleman, Executive Director of Equality and Jennifer Chrisler, Executive Director of Family Equality Council. Stuart Miller, C.E.O of Growing Generations are interviewed as are the surrogate mother and egg donor. A wide swath of the history of the last fifty years is seen through the eyes of the filmmakers and the present of a new kind of family give a specific report on where we are today.

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